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My move was picked up and delivered the same day and the movers were great. Even though not much could go wrong on such a short move I have read some real nightmare reviews about some companies and this was not one of them. My price was set and did not change and the driver even supplied me with a few boxes at no extra charge. Everybody was very nice and professional. If I ever have to make another move I would call them and use them again fro sure.

— George, LA.

My company chose Movers Rancho Palos Verdes for my relocation. I had nothing to do except enjoying my move. It was planned and executed within 18 days and Movers Rancho Palos Verdes service exceeded my expectations. I knew a local mover and I gave a proposal to my company about them but as they have used good service while relocating other employees they knew that they give a world class service. After my own experience I have no qualms in admitting that they truly deserve the title of a WORLD CLASS COMPANY…

— Lisa, Rancho.